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An interesting article about the drug Apoquel which is used to treat dogs and cats with allergies. 

What is bloat in dogs?

I lost Billy last year to bloat at just 4 years old. I have no idea why it happened to him, Billy was a really deep chested dog who never ate much and when he did was never greedy. One of those you will never know why it happened.
Here is a good explanation of what bloat is from the Blue Cross and worth a read if you don’t know what it is.

Itchy skin - atopic dermatitis in dogs

As a dog groomer I have seen cases of bad skin in dogs including English Setters, it is not nice at all for the dog or the owner. Once the dog has the condition it seems impossible to clear up.  Luckily my dogs have not had to suffer bad skin.
Here is an article from the English Setter Association explaining more about the condition. I totally agree with the last sentence that atopic dogs should not be bred from.

Love Irish Setters?

There are a couple of brilliant breed websites for Irish Setter owners the links are below.
All you need to know about Irish Setters, puppies for sale, a health section, Champions gallery, show results, lots of photographs and more